Swarovski Latest To Jump On “Year Of The Dragon” Bandwagon (Photos)

Rolls-Royce, Piaget Already Unveiled Special Editions For 2012

Following ultra-luxury automaker Rolls-Royce and Swiss watchmaker Piaget, this week Swarovski unveiled its own commemorative “Year of the Dragon” offerings for the China market. Set to hit stores throughout mainland China this coming January, Swarovski’s dragon-themed collection includes men’s and women’s watches, accessories and jewelry — thankfully more low-key than some other China-only collections we’ve seen in the past.

"Year of the Dragon" necklace

“Year of the Dragon” necklace

"Year of the Dragon" necklace

“Year of the Dragon” necklace

Men's "Year of the Dragon" self-winding watch

Men’s “Year of the Dragon” wristwatch

Women's "Year of the Dragon" wristwatch

Women’s “Year of the Dragon” wristwatch

Men's "Year of the Dragon" wallet

Men’s “Year of the Dragon” wallet



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