Soccer Legend Diego Maradona Hosts Hublot Charity Challenge In Shanghai

Hublot Unveils Limited Edition Diego Maradona Watch At Shanghai Event


Maradona successfully raised one million RMB for Hublot's Children aid program in China (Image: MSN)

If there’s one thing the Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot has shown in China, it’s that it’s willing to use its celebrity endorsements for more than just photo spreads. Following the recent promotional Tai Chi-infused event hosted by brand ambassador Jet Li in Dalian, this week Hublot invited Diego Maradona, the Argentinian soccer legend, to hold the “Hublot One Million Shooting Challenge” charity event on the Bund in Shanghai, an event that attracted more than 200 guests and media. An official Hublot brand ambassador, Maradona traveled to China from Dubai just one day after surgery to remove a kindney stone, yet was still able to score eight goals worth different amounts ranging from 50,000 yuan (US$7,923) to 200,000 yuan (US$31,691). In all, Maradona raised a total of million yuan (US$158,453) from Hublot to support a children’s aid program in China.

Also as part of the event, Hublot unveiled the second Maradona limited edition watch — the “King Power Maradona.” Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide, the timepiece was debuted by Maradona and Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot. Engraved with Maradona’s soccer number — 10 — and featuring Maradona’s signature on the dial, the limited edition watch is equipped with two central chronograph hands, one of which indicates seconds and the other indicating the time elapsed out of the 45 minutes in each half of a soccer match.

As Jean-Claude Biver said at the event, “We (Hublot and Maradona) share the same values and passion, and have believed in the philosophy of Sharing and Caring since our partnership began in 2010.” Reflecting on Hublot’s regular philanthropic gestures, Biver added, “The ultimate luxury is to share success with those in need.” Said Maradona, “What drew me to Hublot was their charity efforts. I’m very involved in my community, giving kids opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise get. It’s a perfect relationship.”


Maradona took the "Hublot One Million RMB Goal Shooting" Charity Challenge on The Bund (Image: MSN)


Hublot launched The King Power Maradona limited edition (Image: MSN)


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