Shanghai Tops List Of China’s 10 Sexiest Cities

Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chongqing Top Three Sexiest Cities, According To Phoenix Online

Shanghai was chosen by respondents as China's sexiest city

Shanghai was chosen by respondents as sexier than Hong Kong two-to-one

This week, Phoenix Online brings us a list of China’s “10 Sexiest Cities.” Gauging sexiness on the city’s overall character and pizzazz, 17.3% of respondents from 30 cities considered Shanghai’s glittering skyline, revamped Bund area and World Expo makeover more alluring than Hong Kong’s international vibe or Macau’s notorious nightlife.

The Top 10 “sexiest cities” in China, via Phoenix Online (translation by Jing Daily team):

1. Shanghai (17.3%)

“Respondents felt, first of all, that Shanghai’s sexiness derived from the city’s modern temperament, developed economy and general prosperity. Second, even those who hadn’t been to Shanghai had certainly heard about the Shanghai Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, Huangpu River and so on…Shanghai’s sexiness comes from these ‘symbolic sights.’ Interestingly enough, respondents felt that the Shanghai World Expo contributed to the city’s overall sexiness.”

2. Hong Kong (8.4%)

“Because of its celebrities and internationalism, Hong Kong ranks second, with 8.4% of respondents considering it China’s sexiest city.”

3. Chongqing (4.7%)

“The top reason cited by respondents who chose Chongqing as China’s sexiest city is the city’s beautiful girls, who are not only attractive but also fashionable. Also cited were the mountains around the city and its delicious food.”

4. Beijing (4.6%)

“Beijing came in fourth, with respondents favoring the richness of variety in the city, with some considering its historical sites sexy and others saying the Olympics made the city sexier. Some said they liked the attractive spirit of Beijingers, and others said that lots of celebrities live there. But the main factors that make people feel Beijing is a sexy place are its status as the capital city and its deep history.”

5. Guangzhou (4.6%)

“Open-minded, progressive, open to new things.”

6. Shenzhen (3.1%)

“Special economic zone, open city”

7. Hangzhou (2.6%)

“Beautiful West Lake, friendly people, lovely southern girls”

8. Sanya (2.4%)

Charming beaches and sub-tropical scenery.”

9. Dalian (1.8%)

“Fantastic atmosphere.”

10. Macau (1.6%)

“Gambling enclave with awesome nightlife.”

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