Shanghai Fashion Week Stays Ahead Of Rivals

What Happened: Shanghai Fashion Week will again run as a physical showcase during the pandemic. Today, its official Weibo account announced over 100 runway shows that will start on April 6 under the government’s COVID-19 guidelines. The list includes brands like Reineren and Rico Lee at the Xintiandi tent, debuts from Dawei and Comme Moi, and emerging designers Fabric Porn, Shushu/Tong, and Dumpty at the Labelhood showcase. From an international perspective, Jason Wu and others will take part in the Shanghai International Fashion Showcase, Versace will host an exhibition, and Dior’s Pre-Fall show will be connected to the schedule. 

Recommended ReadingShanghai Fashion Week Outpaces The Big FourBy Jing Daily

The Jing Take: It has been over a year since the first lockdowns crippled society and global economics. And although it has been a good opportunity for many fashion weeks to reassess their business model viability, Shanghai’s organizing committee managed to buck the trend. In fact, it has outdone other fashion events globally and this season is no exception.

The appointment of 晓雪 Xiaoxue, who boasts four million followers and contracts with Guerlain and the cashmere giant Erdos, as its ambassador, will further emphasize local brands, sustainable development, and women’s empowerment. Meanwhile, the introduction of more B2C strands, such as a carnival-style event, and mega livestreamers Viya and Li Jiaqi, will amplify local brand recognition domestically, which is the point. Clearly, Shanghai Fashion Week means business — on all fronts.

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