Second-Tier Spotlight: A Golden Publicity Stunt In Changsha

Models Display Gold Lingerie Worth 8 Million Yuan (US$1.2 Million)

Models in the 24-carat gold lingerie

Models in the 24-carat gold lingerie

So far in Jing Daily’s “Second-Tier Spotlight” series, we’ve taken a peek at some of the trends shaping China’s provincial capitals, the tier-two cities that many analysts think will be the engines of consumption in coming years. Previously, we’ve highlighted Chengdu’s nascent interest in wine, Shenyang’s penchant for second-hand luxury goods, and Xi’an’s surprisingly young luxury consumers, and today we look at a slightly more unusual story: a recent headline-grabbing event in Changsha, capital of Hunan province, during which two models donned 24-carat gold lingerie worth more than 4 million yuan (US$614,000) per set.

According to Sohu (Chinese), the event kicked off this week with two black-clad bodyguards ushering two models onto a stage, upon which they removed their cloaks and revealed solid gold lingerie, each piece weighing around 950 grams. According to news reports, each set of gold lingerie, which featured engraved phoenixes and dragons, took five designers and four craftspersons nearly six months to craft.

While the lingerie show attracted the attention of passersby and the media, like every publicity stunt it obviously served a dual purpose: through May 1, the gold lingerie will be on display at Malilai Jewelry Store in Changsha.