Report: Chinese Tennis Star Li Na Signs Endorsement Deal With Rolex

Li Recently Signed Endorsement Deals With Haagen-Dazs, SpiderTech

The new face of Rolex? Tennis star Li Na

The new face of Rolex? Tennis star Li Na

According to Chinese-language reports, and rumored elsewhere, Chinese tennis star Li Na — who recently became the first Asian tennis player to reach the Australian Open finals — has signed an as-yet-unannounced multimillion-dollar endorsement deal with Rolex, joining the ranks of stars like Roger Federer and Ana Ivanovic. According to Sohu Sports (Chinese), this will be the third endorsement deal signed by Li in recent months, following her appointment as a member of Canadian kinesiology tape company SpiderTech’s Health and Wellness Team and brand ambassador for Haagen-Dazs. However, these are by no means her first endorsements, having signed similar agreements in the past with companies like Nike.

Although details have yet to be announced, Sohu expects Li to make an “astronomical sum” from her deal with Rolex, noting that Ana Ivanovic signed on for at least $3 million in 2008, and quotes Li as saying, “As it’s one of the top brands in the world, I’m really honored to work with Rolex, and I look forward to joining other great athletes who are part of the Rolex community.”



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