Reaching China’s “Awakened Generation”: RTG and Jing Daily

Jing Daily is delighted to launch our report on China’s Awakened Generation, authored in collaboration with RTG Consulting. The report helps understand what defines the Awakened Generation, and outlines how best to reach them.

The Awakened Generation are the connected, curious, conscientious young Chinese we see in our reporting, and RTG encountered during in-depth conversations with 70 post-’85s and post-’90s Chinese, plus a smartphone survey of an additional 1,000 respondents.

Most are at university, or recent graduates. They’ve grown up with the Internet, have a global outlook, and they’re coming of age at a time when China is stronger than ever.

Four lenses have proven crucial to understanding the demographic:

  1. Arts and Culture — from Prada’s restoration of the Rong Zhai shikumen house to the sharp rise and fall of rappers PGOne and Gai
  2. Travel and Leisure — including intrepid trips to the Arctic and Mount Kilimanjaro, eco-tourism, and the rise of livestreaming
  3. The Environment — championed in Yao Ming’s state-sanctioned activism and the environmentalist message of Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid, and
  4. Selfhood — with traditional identities being challenged by the likes of FFC-Acrush, a ‘boy band’ made up entirely of girls, and the new trend of ‘flash marriages’.

Download the full report, entitled The Future Chinese Consumer, free of charge, right here.

About RTG Consulting

RTG is a team of over 70 China consultants led by CEO Angelito Tan. The advisory board is constituted of “Chinese Oprah” Yue-sai Kan, Hearst Magazines’ Jeannette Chang, and Philippe Pascal, Former Chairman of LVMH Watches & Jewelry.


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