Ray-Ban Looks To China’s Eyewear Market With New Ambassador

What Happened: Luxottica-owned eyewear label Ray-Ban has appointed Gen Z singer, dancer, and music producer Liu Yuxin as the brand’s ambassador for the Greater China region. Announced on July 19, the news marks the group’s third partnership with local celebrities following those with Lay Zhang and Jackson Wang. 

Liu is a music talent with a social following of up to 23 million on Weibo. Known for winning the second season of video platform iQiyi’s survival show Youth With You in 2020, her endorsement sparked extensive online buzz. The announcement racked up 24 million views for the campaign video within two days. 

The Jing Take: China is not only the world’s biggest manufacturer of spectacles, but also an important market for them. A survey from the National Health Commission reported that 53.6 percent of mainland children and adolescents in 2018 suffered from myopia. This has remained high in recent years, indicating huge demand for eyewear. In addition to functionality, styling has become a key driver of eyewear consumption — bringing opportunities for both established players and newcomers in this sector. 

Ray-Ban already enjoys a solid reputation in the domestic market, but its signature products need to maintain their relevance to younger demographics. This collaboration with a notable Gen Z celebrity will help them do so, and the move has already seen a high conversion rate into sales. According to the Ray-Ban Tmall flagship store, the new ambassador has driven roughly $4.88 million (33 million RMB) purchases on the marketplace.

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