Why Qeelin x Mr. Bags’ Bracelet Collab Sold Out In 1 Second

What Happened: On January 5, 100 sets of the Qeelin x Mr. Bags jewelry collaboration sold out one second after launching on the top KOL’s WeChat Mini Program store, Baoshop. It marked the first time Mr. Bags has worked with a fine jewelry brand and the first time Mr. Bags’ second account, Mr. Jewelry & Watch, has launched an exclusive product for his fans.

The new collaboration design features a necklace modeled after the brand’s classic Wulu (named after the Chinese word for the bottle gourd) but with an additional diamond on red agate (unlike the classic model) and a red cord bracelet. Both Wulu and red cords are popular symbols of luck in China.

Qeelin X Mr.Bags

The Qeelin x Mr. Bags Limited Edition Wulu collection can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. Photo: Courtesy of Qeelin.

Pictured within a jubilant setting on a Mahjong table, the brand’s campaign flexes its cultural advantage as a Chinese luxury brand. Mahjong is a favorite national pastime of Chinese families, which resonates with many Qeelin consumers, said Dennis Chan, the brand’s co-founder & creative director, in a recent interview with Jing Daily.

A second release of 300 limited-edition necklaces is scheduled to drop on January 18 and will be made available at Qeelin boutiques and the brand’s Tmall flagship store. And, on January 14, Qeelin also plans to debut a livestream on Tmall to presale the collaboration necklaces, featuring its ambassador, actor Chen Feiyu, and Mr. Bags.

Jing Take: Like any successful relationship, a primary reason the Qeelin x Mr. Bags collaboration works might be timing.

As the name suggests, Mr. Bags is known for his influence on bag shoppers. And over the last few years, the KOL has launched limited-edition handbags with brands like Burberry, Givenchy, and Tod’s. As such, a jewelry collaboration might appear refreshing to his nine million social media followers, who surely have the buying power to purchase the 11,800 yuan ($1,827) necklace set.

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Moreover, with the upcoming Chinese New Year in mid-February, it’s easier to picture the customer scenario. Whether buying the necklace for self-use or as a gift, the red color, and the ‘good luck’ wishes are sure to work well this time of year.

Qeelin won this purchasing period thanks to its Chinese roots, which build an immediate connection between the item and its target audience. As Chan told us last November, the brand’s symbols highly resonate with Chinese consumers. Case in point: The second launch date for the collaboration (January 18) symbolizes the good wish to “make a fortune.” But Chinese shoppers certainly don’t need that explained.

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