Jing Daily's China Luxury Brief: September 17, 2013

    The opening of the Prada Great Gatsby exhibit in Shanghai. (Prada)

    Welcome to Jing Daily‘s China Luxury Brief: the day’s top news on the business of luxury and culture in China, all in one place. Check out today’s stories below:#

    The opening of the Prada Great Gatsby exhibit in Shanghai. (Prada)


    Another Chinese official gets busted for a lavish banquet.#

    Caught on hidden camera, this portly Hebei official managed to drink Wuliangye baijiu, smoke $100-a-carton cigarettes, order lobster, crab, and roast duck, and say that there's "no need" to respect the Chinese masses all in about four minutes. It looks like he's set to join "Brother Watch" in the near future. (Time)

    Asia's richest man says Hong Kong may lose out to Shanghai with new free-trade zone.#

    Li Ka-shing "said the Shanghai free trade zone 'will affect Hong Kong heavily.'" (Bloomberg)

    — CULTURE —#

    Are Chinese zoos killing off their endangered species to sell their pelts?#

    Chinese newspaper Southern Weekend just published a horrifying article claiming that a recent uptick in zoo deaths is related to a surge in gifting of rare pelts. (Quartz)

    — FASHION —#

    Prada sees solid China growth.#

    It looks like Gatsby has worked its magic. (Reuters)

    — LIFESTYLE —#

    Luxury mooncakes go "behind closed doors" amidst luxury crackdown.#

    High-end mooncakes are still available, but just not out in the open. (Want China Times)

    High-end tea sales slump in Guangdong.#

    Retailers are saying that fewer people are buying expensive tea for Mid-Autumn Festival gifting, but maybe they're just buying it underground with the expensive mooncakes. (China Daily)

    China Daily shows cognitive dissonance over the foreign auto pricing criticisms.#

    A new op-ed states that the government may be "short-sighted" in going after foreign auto companies for their imported car prices, but the point is mainly to say that "China's economy is healthy enough to support the buying." (China Daily)

    China remains a top priority for Ritz-Carlton expansion.#

    Not surprising, considering the fact that they just embarked on a major Chinese social media project. (

    — TECH —#

    Tencent market value nears that of Facebook.#

    The value of WeChat's owner topped US$100 billion this week, with no signs of slowing down. (China Real Time)

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