Jing Daily's China Luxury Brief: July 22, 2013

    Today's top stories include panic over WeChat's first outage, the plight of Hangzhou's homegrown fashion labels, and "luxury hotlines" for officials in Shanghai.
    Can't live without free chatting.

    WeChat's outage crisis has finally ended.

    Welcome to Jing Daily‘s China Luxury Brief: the day’s top news on the business of luxury and culture in China, all in one place. Check out today’s stories below:

    Business and Finance

    The Glaxo bribery case has China's foreign consultants worried.#

    The detention of Peter Humphrey "has frayed the nerves of a fast-growing contingent of influential foreigners in China—the thousands of consultants who act as middlemen for businesses trying to do business in mainland China," according to Quartz.

    UK campaign for streamlined visa policies appoints chairman. "#

    John Lewis’ retail director Andrew Murphy has been named as chairman of the UK China Visa Alliance (UKCVA), the body campaigning for a streamlined tourist visa process to attract more Chinese tourists to the UK."


    Finishing schools are still big business in China.#

    AFP profiles the continued demand among Chinese nouveau riche women for proper etiquette lessons.

    New "China-focused media and investment joint venture" formed. "#

    Chinese media tycoon Bruno Wu is partnering with former Bertelsmann and Arcandor chief executive, Thomas Middelhoff," states The Hollywood Reporter.


    Domestic Hangzhou fashion labels are facing an identity crisis#

    , reports Business of Fashion.


    Shanghai's "luxury hotlines" boom amidst crackdown.#

    George Chen at SCMP says that government officials in Shanghai afraid to show their face in high-end stores yet in need of a luxury fix can call up a special "VIP hotline," where goods are delivered for cash payment.

    Jaguar Land Rover has big plans for China,#

    with an expectation for "sales in China to exceed its European sales in the year ending March 2014."

    Nissan's Infiniti is "back on track to recovery" in China.#

    "Infiniti, the premium brand of auto giant Nissan, aims to raise its profile in China to level of the three leading German brands, said Daniel Kirchert, the newly appointed managing director of Infiniti China."


    WeChat was down for the first time ever this morning.#

    The service was out for three hours, and reportedly drove people into panic mode.

    How Nokia "totally missed out" on China's economic boom.#

    "What essentially happened is that some major mis-steps and a lack of vision by Nokia," writes Tech in Asia.

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