Palm Angels x Tod’s And More At Paris Fashion Week: Global Collabs Of The Week

And with that, the Fall 2023 fashion season has drawn to a close. Miu Miu presented one of the closing shows, where the set was made in collaboration with South Korean artist Jeong Geum-hyung, who created a video that interacted with the clothes as models walked. 

In other brand-collab news: It’s round two for Omega and Swatch, who are rolling out another MoonSwatch on March 7. In other major news, Tiffany and Nike also dropped their Air Force 1s today— a reseller has reportedly spent $300,000 on the sneakers after managing to bypass the EQL raffle and landing 750 pairs. Everyone might be bashing them, but they’re clearly gold dust to the secondary market, with an average resale price on StockX that is 240 percent than its original retail price.

This week’s Collabs & Drops issue highlighted Paris Fashion Week (PFW) collaborations, from Palm Angels x Tod’s, to Undercover x Fragment Design, and GMBH x Asics. For our verdict on those, check out the below and subscribe here to receive this news straight to your inbox.

GMBH x Asics

asics gmbh

One pair of the GMBH x Asics sneakers for Fall 2023. Photo: GMBH

Date: Fall 2023

Verdict: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Since 2019, the German label and Japanese sportswear brand have become inseparable, launching various footwear lines that coincide with each GMBH season. 

The latest PFW reveal comes in two colorways, of green and gold or black and white. There’s value in longevity when it comes to footwear collaborations; this is due to sportswear brands offering high quality silhouettes that have a cult following to designers as a blank slate for their creativity. 

Once a high-end brand has cemented a relationship with a sneaker, it’s best to stick by that name to truly enter the hyped, oversaturated sneaker space.

Undercover x Fragment Design

Date: Fall 2023

Verdict: Fragment’s collaboration with Undercover was all-encompassing at PFW, from the clothes to the soundtrack; Fragment Design founder Hiroshi Fujiwara produced all of the music. 

Titled “Enjoy Yourself,” the designs are a mix of various brand signifiers: Fragment’s lightning bolt, Undercover’s signature “U” logo, and E2-E4’s chessboard-themed album cover. It’s not the first time that the two Japanese names have crossed paths, with a Nike collaboration dating back to 2010. Both brands have great positioning in the streetwear scene, making the partnership a no-brainer. 

As a result of being announced at the same time as the Toyota AygoX launch, this collection has not been featured heavily across social media channels or covered much by mainstream media. However, it has received positive feedback, along with slight criticism about utilizing the late artist’s album artwork for commercial purposes.

Palm Angels x Tod’s

Date: Fall 2023

Verdict: Although the two designed fiery loafers and chunky boots with Moncler last year, this is their first official sneaker collaboration, with the White Tabs shown on the PFW runway. During fashion month, so many footwear collabs are presented due to brands having cult signatures that can easily be reworked by designers. 

There’s cultural strength in working with already-popular silhouettes, such as Tod’s iconic White Tabs. Furthermore, it allows both brands to bring together their consumer bases, which do not overlap much — Palm Angels is definitely aimed toward a younger demographic, which is now being introduced to Tod’s.


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