Palazzo Versace Hotel Grows Chinese Business with Data-driven Approach

Italian fashion house Versace’s branded hotel in Dubai has seen a 300 percent year-over-year growth thanks to ramped up outreach to Chinese tourists.

In August 2017, the Palazzo Versace Hotel linked with iClick Interactive to launch a digital strategy targeting affluent Chinese overseas travelers. Chinese tourists are the fifth largest nationality that ventures to Dubai each year, and these travelers are a fast-growing segment of Dubai visitors.

“IClick’s in-depth understanding of Chinese travelers combined with our unrivaled technological ability and strength in executing digital campaigns ensured Palazzo Versace’s marketing messages were delivered by the most effective omnichannel strategy,” said Yan Lee, chief product officer and head of international at iClick, in a statement. “It was a pleasure to partner with Palazzo Versace and rewarding to see that through our support they were able to increase their brand awareness and grow their business in a market that is quite often a challenge for Western brands to penetrate successfully.”

Business boost 

The partnership leverages iClick’s understanding of the Chinese tourist, including their profiles, behaviors and research habits. Palazzo Versace Hotel is using iClick’s iAudience platform to reach tourists through Chinese digital channels such as Ctrip.

iClick also has relationships with 2.4 million Web sites and 105,000 applications including Tencent and Baidu.

Since working with iClick, Palazzo Versace’s site visits have grown 8,800 percent.

“I would recommend iClick to any business who is focused on building their consumer base within the Chinese market,” said Sandra Tikal, general manager of Palazzo Versace, in a statement. “Access to a leading platform with such a phenomenal dataset, volume of customer profiles and an ability to generate real insight is invaluable.”

Versace Palazzo Dubai. Courtesy photo

Versace Palazzo Dubai. Courtesy photo

As luxury marketers look to reach the valuable and growing population of Chinese outbound travelers, it is imperative for them to capture this segment’s attention before they leave home since they are planners.

According to a recent white paper from iClick, outbound Chinese tourists’ interest in foreign independent tours and customized itineraries is growing, reaching 42 percent compared to the 44 percent of traditional packaged tours. In addition, 52 percent of these travelers plan their trips and itineraries two to six months ahead of departure.


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