• Luxury Streetwear Goes Mainstream in Label-thirsty China

    2017 was the year China went crazy for streetwear. Luxury brands have taken note, but it remains to be seen how many Chinese consumers are willing to follow what they saw as more authentic outsider designers as they sign up to heritage luxury houses. Read More
  • Rich Post-80s Drive Chinese Whiskey Market Growth

    Jiani Ma  |  
    Often perceived as an old man's drink, whiskey sales in China leapt 19.5 percent in 2017 thanks largely to growing interest among consumers under 30. Read More
  • Opinion: Brands Are Cashing in on Male Millennials’ “Midlife Crisis”

    Jiaqi Luo  |  
    Squeezed between old social expectations and a new economic reality, Chinese millennial men are stressed out. Not wanting to age too soon, a 15.4 billion RMB male skincare market has emerged to cater to them. Read More
  • Dior Puts Youth Before Tradition at Haute Couture Shanghai Show

    In touchier times, the brand might have been lampooned for its lazy, pandering use of the color red, or a striking similarity to Japanese imperialist imagery. Now, its young fanbase are more interested in Dior's celebrity friends. Read More
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  • Will Wealthy Shoppers Want to Join Tmall’s Luxury Pavilion Loyalty Club?

    Big-spending consumers are being offered exclusive deals, celebrity events, flexible payment, and door-to-door returns when what they really care about is authentic items. Read More
  • Jack Ma Condemns Trade War: “Is America Going to Forfeit This Opportunity?”

    In a post published on Alibaba's blog Alizila Wednesday, CEO Jack Ma questioned the rationality of the emerging trade war between China and the United States. Read More
  • China’s Streetwear Fans Are Hyped About Rimowa x Supreme Collab

    The collaboration is not available in Chinese stores, but eager Chinese consumers are strategizing about how they can secure the limited edition luggage. Read More
  • Lessons From Comparing Chinese Luxury Market Reports

    On the release of Walkthechat’s China Luxury Report, co-founder Thomas Graziani tells us about the diverse ways the Chinese luxury is understood by researchers. Read More