On Site: Jing Daily At Lladró

“Both Our American Clients [And] Our Chinese Community Here In The US Appreciate Us A Lot”

Lladró's window display in New York

Last week, Jing Daily correspondents stopped by the New York flagship of the Spanish porcelain brand Lladró for a Valentine’s Day celebration with the famed fashion and advertising illustrator, Jordi Labanda. Unveiling Lladró’s recent window collaboration with Labanda — inspired by the Curiosity Monkey, a porcelain creation from the Re-Cyclos by Committee Collection — Lladró treated guests to a night of pink bubbly, heart-shaped lollipops, chocolate-covered strawberries, and of course, porcelain. Onlookers enjoyed Labanda’s “Be My Baby” installation, which incorporates the bright pop colors frequently used by the artist into an original and fresh window display with the leitmotif, “All You Need Is Love.”

Following in the footsteps of many other brands, Lladró also recently launched a Chinese New Year collection, introducing a new limited edition version of The Snake and two reinterpretations of the Oriental Vase available in blue and red. During the event, Jing Daily had a chance to meet Cristina Egido, Lladró’s Communications and Events Manager, as well as Jordi Labanda, for a brief chat about “Be My Baby” and the Chinese New Year Collection.

Jing Daily (JD): Are you happy with how the window display turned out?

Jordi Labanda: Yes, very much. I’ve been a huge fan of Lladró since I was little because I’m from Spain. I love all the aesthetics and the delicate point of view of Lladró. Everything is very similar to my own work. 

JD: How has it been working with Jordi Labanda? 

Cristina Egido (CE): It’s been fantastic. His work is amazing. He always brings that pop, fresh air into our brand. So, he chose one specific piece that he wanted to work with for the window, which I think is very representative of our brand and also the evolution of our brand. So, I think it was fantastic, and we look forward to working on future projects like this.

JD: Lladró just launched a Chinese New Year collection. Has the reception been good thus far?

CE: Yeah, absolutely. Both our American clients as well as our Chinese community here in the US appreciate us a lot. One, because of their own traditions, history, and culture. Also, even the Americans—because of the aesthetic—they still appreciate the symbols of traditional Chinese culture. So, yes, we’ve had a very good reception from all of our clients.

Jordi Labanda with the display


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