Not Your Local Official’s Audi: The China Edition R8

80 Units Available, Priced At 2.6 Million Yuan (US$421,925)

Audi R8 China Edition

On the polar opposite end of the spectrum from the standard black A6 so beloved of Chinese government officials, recently Audi unveiled a China edition R8 tailored to gearheads rather than bureaucrats. A localized version of the high-performance R8 that first rolled off the assembly line in 2006, the R8 China edition is limited to a run of 80 units priced at a cool 2.6 million yuan (US$421,925).

Featuring a striking blue and gray paint job, with matte black air intakes and titanium gray rear slats, the interior is heavy on sporty carbon fiber and aluminum. Indicating the automaker knows its target customer, the car has storage room large enough to fit two golf bags.


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