Montblanc “Bridge Of Love” Campaign Taps China’s Young Romantics

Three Winners Will Receive Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Necklaces

Perhaps recognizing that Chinese fans are often willing to put a great deal of effort into online giveaways and competitions, Montblanc recently launched a Valentine’s Day-themed Sina Weibo contest, “Bridge of Love” (爱情之桥). The contest, which is far less complex than other recent digital efforts like Buick’s recent augmented reality app competition, encourages users to write virtual love letters and place them inside “love locks” (爱情锁), which hang on the animated Bridge of Love. Upon completing and sending love locks to their intended recipient, users are then encouraged to follow Montblanc’s Weibo page and spread the word about “Bridge of Love” to their followers.

On February 28, three participants will win a limited-edition Montblanc Valentine’s Day necklace. To date, 170 users have created love locks.

Users click to create their "love lock"

The contest says the love lock can be a short love letter, a romantic note, or a thank-you to family members. Users can also click to view Montblanc's Valentine's Day collection

Users click to allow Weibo access to their news stream and to post on their behalf

Users fill in the first letters of their surname and their recipient's, as well as their names and a message

Users fill in the email address and age of the note's recipient

After sending the message, Montblanc encourages users to follow the Montblanc Weibo page, spread the word to friends, and send another love lock


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