MINI Kicks Off “The Chinese Job” Promotional Event

Auto Challenge Trials To Be Held Over The Course Of Four Months

"Give everybody the opportunity and they can become unique."

"Give everybody the opportunity and they can become unique."

This week, MINI China kicked off its new promotional campaign, based around the famous car chase sequence from the 2003 remake of the 1969 film “The Italian Job.” The promotional initiative, “The Chinese Job,” began this week with heavily stylized animations on the MINI China website announcing that the automaker is currently recruiting for their “Chinese Job” driving challenge.

Over the course of the next four months, in 32 cities, trials will be held leading up to the finals in Chengdu. The winner of the national finals will be awarded unlimited use of the first special-edition John Cooper Works MINI to be sent to China.

From Pacific Auto (translation by Jing Daily team):

Who can become the Chinese version of [Italian Job stars] Mark Wahlberg or Charlize Theron? The answer will be revealed at the large-scale “MINI Chinese Job” event. According to a BMW dealer in Chongqing, the general public can sign up immediately to take part in the event, as long as they hold a valid driver’s license and are at least 18 years of age. Contestants can register online, by text message, or by using the special phone hotline.

The obstacle course

The obstacle course

According to Mr. Zhu Jiang, director of brand management for MINI China, the MINI “Chinese Job” event will invite “intellectuals” from around the country to take part in a series of Hollywood-style driving challenges. [Said Zhu,]”Just like the action sequences in ‘The Italian Job’ excited audiences, we want to provide the same suspenseful experience to car fans who dream of [driving like] their heroes.These driving challenges will be fair and open, with an unprecedented top award!”

The “Chinese Job” event will have three stages: qualifying, regional, and national finals, which will take four months in all. Chongqing’s regional trials will begin on May 1 at the Chongqing Auto Expo, and the top 10 drivers of each day will take part in regional finals in Chengdu between July and August. Each of the drivers of the winning team at the national finals will be awarded the unlimited use of a John Cooper Works MINI for a full year. This will mark the debut of the John Cooper Works line in China.

An image of the obstacle course

The obstacle course

This unique event, which is highly localized for the Chinese market, shows the lengths to which automakers are going in China to attract younger, first-time car buyers. For MINI, although this event is open to everyone, it’s likely aimed at getting more young Chinese men to look at MINI as a sporty, exciting car rather than a cute vehicle for women — the reputation the company has been fighting (somewhat futilely) there since entering the China market in 2003.


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