Manolo Blahnik’s new virtual reality pod hits London

Manolo Blahnik is deepening its 50-year brand narrative through the deployment of virtual reality. The footwear aficionado has unveiled a new immersive experience in London, tapping VR newcomer (but one-to-watch) Xydrobe to power its activation.

South Korean automobile maker Renault Korea Motors is also putting its own spin on token-gated projects. Teaming up with renowned 3D artist and art director Guillaume Sauzey, the collaboration marks Renault Korea Motors’ third venture into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

With Halloween fast approaching, the holiday season has become a goldmine for brands even those in Web3. Horror-inspired collaborations are the theme this month, with cult clog label Crocs teaming up with VeeFriends to launch a limited-edition collection of spooky Jibbitz. 

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Manolo Blahnik opens virtual archival destination 

What happened: To celebrate the upcoming launch of Manolo Blahnik’s virtual archives, the Spanish footwear label joined hands with new virtual reality destination Xydrobe in London to present “The Craft,” a multisensory experience designed to immerse onlookers into the world of Manolo Blahnik.

Using a virtual reality-powered pod, visitors are transported across various locations crafted to emulate the footwear atelier’s design process. The pod uses eye-level visuals, surround sound, scent, and wind to delve into the intricate craft process. 

Why it matters: Manolo Blahnik’s wonderful world of shoemaking has been previously displayed in physical exhibitions, but its team-up with Xydrobe represents its first official foray into the metaverse. It’s also the first time Manolo Blahnik has revealed its intimate design process to consumers.

Though the virtual reality activation has been around since 2021, this is the first time it has been promoted to a global audience. The shoe atelier’s official rollout of the project comes as it explores the experiential allure of virtual reality.

Renault Korea Motors is aiming to reignite NFT appeal across the APAC region. Photo: Altava

Renault Korea Motors launches personality-based NFT program to personalize the blockchain

What happened: Renault Korea Motors is expanding its roadmap in Web3 with the help of fashion-tech company Altava and 3D designer Guillaume Sauzey. On October 18, the automotive label launched its third NFT-powered campaign: a gamified website experience, dubbed Xperience Mor3, along with 3,333 NFTs inspired by the company’s XM3 E-Tech Hybrid model that are for sale.

In addition to the tokens, Renault Korea Motors has developed an engaging browser-based mini-personality test. Depending on the test results, each user is rewarded with a visually distinct NFT that mirrors their personality.

Why it matters: NFTs have been slow to take off in the APAC region. However, elements such as gamification and personalization is helping to bolster their appeal. In Renault Korea Motors’ case, the manufacturer is incentivizing its community by offering a tiered reward system.

Altava is also a prominent leader within the fashion and metaverse space — having collaborated with globally renowned brands such as Fendi, LVMH, The Sandbox, and Prada — putting Renault Korea Motors in pole position among competitors in the space.

Crocs has teamed up with NFT community and entertainment company VeeFriends on a new Jibbitz collection. Photo: VeeFriends

Crocs x VeeFriends get creepy with new Halloween Jibbitz collection 

What happened: Crocs has teamed up with entertainment company and NFT collective VeeFriends to launch a new Halloween-inspired Jibbitz collection. The limited-edition drop, which went on sale to VeeFriends NFT holders on October 17 and the general public on October 19, brings to life five Halloween-inspired characters from VeeFriends’ “Monster Squad” lineup.

The pair will also unveil a specially designed float at New York City’s 50th Annual Village Halloween Parade on October 31, where “trick or treat” bags featuring the Jibbitz charms will be handed out.

Why it matters: Crocs is leveling up its Web3 ambitions. This latest project sees the cult footwear favorite team up with one of the NFT community’s most prolific collectives, VeeFriends, further establishing its presence in the digital world.

The collaboration is mutually beneficial. From VeeFriends’ perspective, teaming up with one of the globe’s most exalted footwear brands is a surefire way to get the VeeFriends IP recognized in the physical realm. It’s the same strategy that NFT project Doodles employed, with more brands born on the blockchain evolving into full-fledged media franchises.


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