Luxury Watchmaker Breitling’s Dragon Tour Jets Off To China

Three Teams Taking Part In Airshow China 2012 (Nov. 13-18)

Three teams are set to take part in the Dragon Tour

Amid concerns about the strength of luxury watch demand in Hong Kong and mainland China, Swiss watchmaker Brietling is taking brand promotion into the stratosphere with its “Brietling Dragon Tour.” Scheduled to take part in Airshow China 2012 in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, Brietling’s Dragon Tour will include three teams — the Brietling Jet Team, Brietling Wing Walkers and Yves “Jetman” Rossy.

16 years after Breitling Aviation Director, Nigel Lamb, flew the first civilian aerobatic team in China in 1996, he notes that the aviation scene in China has seen a complete transformation. Says Lamb, “There is such an incredible fascination and enthusiasm for aviation in China, the team is well remembered even to this day. I’m looking forward to going back with all three teams and entirely different spectacles from Europe.”

Lamb added that he hopes the Dragon Tour “is just the start of the adventure. We’re looking into keeping the Breitling Jet Team in Asia for 2013 and organizing a series of tours in the region.”

While Brietling is shipping the wing walking team’s 1940s Stearmans and Yves Rossy’s Jetwings to China in containers, the Jet Team has spent the last week traversing Eastern Europe, Russia and Mongolia before their arrival in Zhuhai this week. Photos and video of the team’s progress can be seen on the Brietling Jet Team Facebook page.

Airshow China 2012
Nov. 13-18, 2012
China International Aviation Exhibition Center, Zhuhai, China


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