Luxury Health Center, WA Optimum Health Care Opens in Shanghai

Eye on Shanghai: WA Optimum Health Care Opens Shanghai Facility

WA Optimum Health Care, located on Xingguo Road.

WA Optimum Health Care, located on Xingguo Road.

WA Optimum Health Care, part of the Regenerative Medicine group, which focuses on providing a higher standard of medicine in the Greater China region, recently opened its first Shanghai facility in the city’s Xing Guo historical gardens. Last week, Jing Daily was invited to tour WA Optimum Health Care during its soft opening by Sarah Bethune Kelly, Media Director and Chief Copywriter for WA Regenerative Medicine.

With an emphasis on providing five-star service, WA’s Shanghai facilities will provide services such as family care, sports medicine, cosmetic surgery, anti-aging therapy, and diabetes management, as well as offering personalized programs that may include aspects of each of these. Prices will most likely be on par with health care competitor Parkway Health, but WA aims to provide a more personal and discreet experience, with initial doctor consultations designed to last up to an hour.

Many of the services provided by WA are specifically tailored to the health issues currently cropping up in China as a result of the increasing urban pollution and ballooning obesity rate that have come as a byproduct of the country’s fast-growing economy. According to statistics published in Longevity, WA Optimum Health Care’s quarterly bilingual luxury magazine:

  • Cardiovascular disease kills 2.6 million people in China every year
  • China has the largest diabetic population in the world at 92 million (one in every 14 people)
  • Air and water pollution kill 750,000 Chinese each year
  • A new Dunkin Donuts opens in China every 2 weeks
  • A new McDonalds opens in China every 36 hours
  • A new KFC opens in China every 24 hours
  • By 2015, 40% of females and 57% of males in China will be overweight, a total of 679 million people
WA's sports therapy room.

WA’s physical therapy room

WA offers several specially designed programs aimed at combating some of these issues, lasting anywhere between a month to a year and costing between 23,000 – 52,000 RMB (US$3,500-7,900), not including additional services such as Cell Therapy Joint Injections.

While not actively advertising to clients yet, the Shanghai facility has been featured in the press and the staff has spoken at events at the SheShan International Golf Club and at an autism charity event. A promotional video shot on the premises will be debuted at the upcoming grand opening and available online afterwards. The coverage so far has drawn a fair amount of attention, with areas like sexual enhancement and cosmetic surgery attracting the most interest from Shanghai locals.

Feedback generated thus far has come from approximately 80 percent Chinese and 20 percent foreign expats, most of whom live in Shanghai, with some from Chengdu and other nearby cities. The top floors of the facility are currently occupied by corporate offices but will eventually hold 10 overnight rooms, with these likely opening within a year. In its first year of operations, WA aims to have 500 patients, a comparatively small number, so service can be perfected through training.

Jing Daily has spoken to various experts in the past, including Handel Jones of International Business Strategies, who have indicated that healthcare is a developing area of opportunity for Western companies in China, as well as an area upon which the Chinese government will aim to improve. WA Optimum Health Care has already seized on this opportunity, building a research and development facility in Wuxi focused on stem cell technology and drawing up plans for expansion in Chengdu and Beijing. Last August, WA Regenerative Medicine signed an agreement to create a health center within Chengdu’s International Health City, and its Beijing facility, located in Fragrant Hills park (香山公园), will soon begin construction. This location is set to open at the end of the year, providing the same services as the Shanghai facility but also providing a retreat locale with water therapy and a restaurant. Once complete, the Fragrant Hills facility will be twice the size of WA’s Shanghai flagship.

WA Optimum Health Care’s Shanghai facility will have its grand opening on February 28.

WA Optimum Health Care's doctor offices.

WA Optimum Health Care’s doctor offices

WA Optimum Health Care Shanghai facility.

WA Optimum Health Care Shanghai facility

WA offers an in-person live blood and dried blood analysis.

WA offers an in-person live blood and dried blood analysis

Special thanks to Sarah Bethune Kelly, Media Director/Chief Copywriter for WA Regenerative Medicine.