Louis Vuitton Educates Fans Via a New WeChat Mini Program

Luxury brands continue to explore WeChat’s many functions, from e-commerce to loyalty programs to chatbot possibilities, with the expressed goal to engage with over one billion WeChat users. While many brands create one-off Mini Programs for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or local exhibitions and events, the luxury powerhouse Louis Vuitton has built up strategic program to interact with the local consumers on a one-on-one basis.

Launched on June 14, their latest Mini Program is designed to educate consumers on the latest Louis Vuitton news and products. First announced on their WeChat account, once clicked, users are greeted by an avatar holding a Louis Vuitton bag and a poker card, as a short introduction explains on what they can expect from this program. By adding their name, date of birth, and phone number they can download a phone wallpaper of the cute avatar covered in various Louis Vuitton’s logos, and preview the latest Louis Vuitton editorial content.

Photo: Louis Vuitton Mini Program.

Photo: Louis Vuitton Mini Program.

Followers can read the content on a separate tab of the Mini Program, named the World of Louis Vuitton. So far, the brand has posted four articles featuring various products besides handbags. In the first article, the brand explained the history of their signature print, Monogram, while other articles introduced products such as their waterproofed travel luggage line, Horizon Soft; their jewelry line, Star Blossom, with delicate monogram flowers and diamonds, and the popular menswear collection designed by the much-hyped designer Virgil Abloh.

At the end of the editorial tab, followers can access another stand-alone Mini Program, featuring the addresses, opening hours, and the product categories of all LV retail stores. Followers can also connect with a real-time customer service Mini Program, and by clicking the “about me” tab, they can find key information of the account, and instructions to subscribe to Louis Vuitton’s WeChat account.

To promote the program, Louis Vuitton offered the first 2,000 users an opportunity to win a branded badges with winners to be announced on June 30, 2019. By the time of this publication, the post garnered 35,000 pageviews and 72 likes. Instead of making a one-off e-commerce channel, Louis Vuitton has created a Mini Program with a set of specific functions — editorial content, retail stores, and customer service to complete a full ecosystem, as to personalize to follower’s interests in a wider range of Louis Vuitton products and offerings.

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