L’Oréal Taps China’s Art Toy Frenzy In The Year Of The Rabbit


L’Oréal Paris has unveiled its collaboration with local collectible toy brand RobbiART, encompassing a series of gift boxes and limited-edition large-sized art toys. The beauty brand’s signature products are introduced with special packaging featuring red and gold details, both of which are colors representing prosperity, luxury, and joy in Chinese culture. In addition to the gift boxes, the collectible Robbi rabbits were dropped on social media platform Dewu App (also known as Poizon) and Xiaohongshu in limited amounts.

The collectible Robbi rabbits were dropped on social media platform Dewu App and Xiaohongshu. Photo: Courtesy

Netizens’ Reaction

The campaign has driven online buzz on Weibo and Xiaohongshu, thanks to celebrity endorsements from L’Oréal Paris’ brand ambassadors Zhu Yilong, Xin Zhilei, and Ju Xiaowen. The Weibo hashtag #L’OréalParisCNYBox received over 55.2 million views within 10 days. Both parties also partnered with beauty KOLs and art toy collectors to share their unboxing videos and reviews on social media platforms, which allowed the collaboration to reach broader communities. 


Collectible toys have become a top consumption trend among Chinese millennials and Gen Zers in recent years. The size of the collectible toy market increased from $970 million (6.3 billion RMB) in 2015 to $3.2 billion (20.7 billion RMB) in 2019, a compound growth rate of 34.6 percent. And the market should continue rising and is projected to surpass $11.7 billion (76 billion RMB) in 2024, according to iiMedia Research.

This positive trajectory has lured discerning luxury houses to tap into the surging trend. In December 2021, Gucci announced a new collaboration with Chinese IP Marsper, introducing the first three Marsper figures dressed in suits from Gucci’s Aria Collection. A month later, Moncler unveiled its partnership with Pop Mart’s Mega Collection, releasing 2,000 collectibles worldwide.

In the cases of Gucci, Moncler, and L’Oréal Paris, all these brands opted to collaborate with local IPs, reflecting their dedication to elevating their cultural relevance with local art toy enthusiasts. And L’Oréal Paris is not the only brand joining forces with RobbiArt for this year’s Chinese New Year marketing. Ports also released a limited edition rabbit toy in partnership with the local IP. However, as more labels take this approach, will the novelty for consumers eventually wear off?