Soundcheck: Lancôme Tests Podcast Marketing Opportunity In China


Lancôme has partnered with local podcast platform Xiaoyuzhou to launch a dedicated marketing program for its signature product Advanced Génifique Wrinkle & Dark Circle Eye Cream. The beauty brand invited seven podcasters to share their stories of staying up late on their respective podcast channels on Xiaoyuzhou. The idea of the collaboration came from the selling points of the Lancôme eye cream, which are to reduce dark circles and visibly improve the appearance of wrinkles caused by staying up late. 

Lancôme invited seven podcasters to share their stories of staying up late on Xiaoyuzhou. Photo: Xiaoyuzhou screenshot

Netizens’ Reaction

Each program of the audio series has received over 100 comments on Xiaoyuzhou. Though the click rate of podcast programs is not as high as that of videos and images, engagement is more organic and in-depth. By addressing pain points of staying up late that are common among the young generation and leveraging personal narratives behind the phenomenon, the dedicated program easily resonates with listeners and encourages them to stay awake at night for meaningful and positive things. 


Among emerging content formats, podcasting is one of the most overlooked in China. However, discerning global luxury houses like Gucci and Giada as well as homegrown labels Neiwai, Maia Active, and Pop Mart have tested the opportunity through launching digital initiatives on local podcast platforms including Ximalaya, Vistopia, and Xiaoyuzhou.

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Launched by Shanghai start-up Jike in 2020, Xiaoyuzhou is an app that has seen rapid growth: over 2 million listeners within a year and a half. As a podcast-only app featuring user-friendly functions and personalization algorithms, the coming-of-age platform has been known for its high user stickiness. 

In the case of Lancôme x Xiaoyuzhou, the partnership will help the beauty label to enrich the storytelling of its eye cream. As beauty brands usually have fewer SKUs than fashion brands, they need to consistently inject newness into their hero products. While its competitors keep betting on the rapid sales conversion of livestreaming and celebrity endorsement, Lancôme has started to invest in branding and long-term growth.