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Jing Daily reports investigate the most important trends shaping the China and global luxury markets today.

Luxury on WeChat: Engaging the Global Chinese Consumer

With over 700 million users, WeChat has evolved over the years from becoming China’s most popular mobile messaging app to emerging as a mini operating system on its own that is integral to the daily lives of Chinese consumers... Read More

China’s New Luxury Consumers: A Frontier Worth Planning For

This new report by Carat and Jing Daily features a data-driven, detailed breakdown of five key Chinese luxury consumer segments, including their online shopping habits, media consumption, and much more. Read More

China’s Online Gray Market and Counterfeits: Solutions for Luxury in an E-Commerce Era

As the online sale of gray-market and counterfeit items remains a critical issue for the luxury industry, Jing Daily's report details what brands need to know (and do). Read More

Flash Report: Beyond Hong Kong

As luxury shopping in the Hong Kong market loses its appeal to wealthy Chinese mainlanders due to more accessible travel elsewhere, local hostility toward the mainland tourist influx, and higher prices than in other destinations, brands need to rethink their investments in the former British colony. The speed of the Hong Kong market’s decline has ... Read More

The New Chinese Student

The number of Chinese students heading to U.S. universities is growing rapidly every year, and their arrivals mean big opportunities for brands. As businesses strive to adapt to this rising demographic of influential and savvy international students, Jing Daily’s latest report, “The New Chinese Student,” takes a close look at the population of Chinese students in ... Read More

Flash Report: Understanding China’s Luxury Slowdown

Faced with slowing economic growth, an ongoing anti-corruption campaign, evolving consumer tastes, and high tariffs on imports, China’s luxury market has entered a “new normal.” The days of automatically high China growth and “low-hanging fruit” are gone for luxury brands, which must now create comprehensive strategies to win over shoppers in a competitive market with ... Read More

The Global Chinese Property Hunt

With Chinese purchases of international real estate skyrocketing in recent years, the real estate market in New York City has seen an influx of buyers looking to snap up prime commercial and residential properties. Jing Daily’s new report on Chinese buyers’ impact on the New York real estate market is packed with data, expert insights, ... Read More

Industry Temperature: What’s Hot, Cold, and Critical in China’s Dynamic Luxury Market

With on-the-ground insights from top experts in China’s luxury industry, this report analyzes the defining trends that shaped the Chinese luxury market in 2014 and predicts what lies ahead in the coming year. Read More

Luxury on WeChat

This first ever comprehensive WeChat marketing guide published exclusively for high-end brands offers crucial information on how to best utilize WeChat to serve and connect with China’s discerning luxury consumers. For this report, we consulted with some of the world’s top experts on luxury marketing on WeChat for their experience and insights. Read More

Serving The Global Chinese Customer

Nearly 100 million Chinese traveled abroad in 2013. Who are they, where do they go, and what are their preferences? This report helps readers get acquainted with the different categories of Chinese travelers by learning the answers to these and other essential questions. Read More

Chinese Travel Media: Navigating The Landscape

Perhaps more than any other traveler worldwide, upscale outbound Chinese see travel media as an important resource before, during, and after their trips. This report aims to help luxury brand professionals in making the most of this opportunity. Read More

The Global Chinese Consumer: Closing The Sale

You've managed to get the potential customer through the door. This report provides concise and concrete tips on how to seal the deal and hit those targets, from merchandising and promotions to sales tactics and customer relations management. Read More