Jing Daily Launches New Report: China’s Online Gray Market and Counterfeits

China's Online Gray Market and Counterfeits Cover

The online sale of gray-market and counterfeit luxury items remains one of the most critical issues luxury brands face in China today.

Jing Daily’s latest report, “China’s Online Gray Market and Counterfeits,” details the causes and impacts of both gray-market and counterfeit sales, as well as recommended response strategies for luxury brands.

For the report, Jing Daily consulted with top experts on luxury gray-market and counterfeit e-commerce, including Zouheir Guedri, the CEO of Data&Data, a research firm that offers services and technology to help brands fight counterfeits, Jonathan Li, the co-founder of BorderX Lab and former algorithm architect at Alibaba, and Steve Dickinson, attorney at Harris Moure and contributor to China Law Blog.

In this report, you’ll find the following key features:

  • A comprehensive examination of the impacts of daigou sales on luxury brands
  • An in-depth investigation into the ways in which the gray market and the counterfeit market are interconnected
  • Analysis of how China’s e-commerce boom has affected the sales of counterfeits and daigou
  • A thorough examination of the impacts of online counterfeit sales for luxury brands
  • A detailed review into the recent controversies surrounding Alibaba and counterfeits, including an expert legal evaluation of the efficacy of legal action regarding fakes
  • A complete study of luxury brands’ responses to fakes and gray-market goods on Alibaba platforms
  • Beyond Tmall and Taobao: exploration of gray-market sales on social media including WeChat and photo-sharing platforms
  • Evaluation of the Chinese government’s responses to the gray market and fakes, including the efficacy of existing policies
  • Action points for luxury brands detailing how to respond to the gray market and counterfeits online in China

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