Jing Daily Launches Flash Report: Understanding China’s Luxury Slowdown

Jing Daily Flash Report_cover

Faced with slowing economic growth, an ongoing anti-corruption campaign, evolving consumer tastes, and high tariffs on imports, China’s luxury market has entered a “new normal.” The days of automatically high China growth and “low-hanging fruit” are gone for luxury brands, which must now create comprehensive strategies to win over shoppers in a competitive market with a dizzying array of options.

For the first installment of its new “Flash Report” series, Jing Daily is excited to announce the launch of “Understanding China’s Luxury Slowdown,” a concise guide on marketing to Chinese luxury consumers for the second half of 2015. Jing Daily’s Flash Reports are concise guides for busy luxury professionals to understand the most relevant China market trends in an ultra-fast format.

“Understanding China’s Luxury Slowdown” is a briefing on what luxury brands need to know about reaching Chinese luxury consumers in 2015 as the “how,” “where,” and “why” they shop for luxury rapidly changes. With quick-read case studies and to-the-point advice, this paper provides a straightforward assessment of where brands’ marketing focus should be in the coming months.

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