Introducing: Columnist Paul Dien

Smart branding is a must in the China market

As Jing Daily’s newest columnist, I’m excited to share my insights as a brand strategist on the unique intersection of luxury, branding, trends and digital here in China. In my monthly column, we’ll explore and dissect how brands are connecting to their consumers. We’ll look at trends and unique platforms that are making a splash. In the ever-evolving marketplace, there’s no perfect formula. But there are smart ways to get your brand to the right consumer.

To kick off the column, let me introduce myself. I’ve spent over 10 years in New York, working in media companies like MTV and Condé Nast to develop innovative, creative marketing strategies for partners such as the Body Shop, Vera Wang, Converse, J&J and Virgin Mobile. My passion for branding lies in storytelling. Like a good novel, how do you develop a message that not only communicates but also touches a consumer?

Two years ago, my partner and I launched Sodamedia, a branding and development studio based in NYC and Shanghai. Digital is part of our DNA. We believe in innovation. We believe in the creative use of technology for many brands that still aren’t quite sure what to do in the digital space (and that it’s okay to admit that).

And being in China, we’ve navigated and developed a keen sensibility for understanding how to keep a brand’s identity while infusing elements that will resonate for the diverse and tech-savvy Chinese consumer. From a creating a social media campaign for Swire Hotels ( to developing the launch strategy for Fresh in China to providing creative direction for Affinity China, we’ve sharpened our skills in finding the best solutions for brands looking to maintain the quality of luxury in the digital world.

Looking forward to sharing some insights with you in this series.

Paul Dien of Sodamedia is a brand strategist who works with organizations from both public and private sectors to develop innovative, creative marketing strategies. Most recently, Paul was the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, a global HIV prevention charity, where he was responsible for fundraising and marketing campaigns with partners such as H&M, the Body Shop, and Urban Outfitters. 

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