Interiors: Lane Crawford Joyce Group’s Stylish New Hong Kong HQ

Group Will Open Largest Store To Date Next Year In Shanghai

Hong Kong-based fashion and brand management superpower The Lane Crawford Joyce Group — a four-armed force made up of luxury department stores Lane Crawford, cutting-edge boutiques JOYCE (previously on Jing Daily), footwear and accessories-focused Pedder Group, and distributors ImagineX — recently unveiled a sprawling new headquarters befitting a leading arbiter of style. Currently with more than 500 points of sale in 50 cities throughout Greater China and Southeast Asia, the Group has, with its new HQ, consolidated all four companies under one roof, spreading them over seven floors, each of which consists of 25,000 square feet in the new One Island South complex.

ImagineX personalized breakout area

With an airy, open plan, the HQ is being promoted as “the antithesis of a conventional cubicled office.” With that in mind, the office includes perks for its 880 workers like a Wellness room offering yoga, meditation and perhaps the most enviable feature — a nap area — while an indoor garden and antique-packed library offer ample room for relaxation or casual meetings. Additional space is set aside for a multi-media suite, photography studios and a Retail Academy. Full height glass curtain walls let in plenty of natural light, giving employees unfettered views of the South China Sea.

Presentation areas for recycled visual merchandising props

As would be expected, considering the very different styles of each of the companies beneath the Lane Crawford Joyce Group umbrella, the Group encouraged individual creative teams to put their own signature spin on each space through the use of color, visual merchandising, furniture and highlight areas. Reflecting their brand identities, ImagineX customized its space with an indoor communal garden, while JOYCE went artsy with its stylized library and Lane Crawford went more active, outfitting a games room with vintage gymnasium equipment, a Nintendo Wii, and a lounge and bar. On the 29th floor of the building, a communal dining area is meant to encourage social interaction with table tennis and a snooker table, and is warmed up with vintage pieces from schools and theatres.

Joyce personalised breakout area

Located in Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen on Hong Kong’s South side, the new HQ is something of a pioneer, looking ahead to the completion of the Mass Transit Rail in 2015 that is expected to transform the area from an industrial warehouse district to a commercial and creative hotspot. As Jennifer Woo, Chairman and CEO of the Lane Crawford Joyce Group, put it, “My ambition for The Lane Crawford Joyce Group is not simply to open stores and new businesses or to achieve top line sales, but to build a community of individuals who come together to achieve a singular vision. Our new headquarters is the hub for that community – this is a home where innovation, creativity and fashion lives.”

Joyce lift lobby features artwork by Mike Stilkey

Joyce breakout area

Open-plan workspace

Informal meeting room

Lane Crawford’s personalized game room

Open-plan workspace

Old-fashioned phone booths for personal calls

Corridor art gallery

Second Lane Crawford breakout area, which includes a cafe

Communal eating area

Corridor with staff lockers

Corridors feature bright colours to make the environment ‘pop’

Lane Crawford Joyce Group’s communal press & exhibition ‘cage’

External view of the communal press & exhibition ‘cage’

Paper sculpture Gruffalo, a Pedder Group visual merchandising prop

The Lane Crawford Joyce Group boardroom features a specially commissioned Piet Hein Eek table - the largest ever made

Workspace for the Pedder Group

Design Factsheet
Total Square Footage: 225,000
Total Cost of Project:Approximately HK$45 million (US$5.8 million)
Vision & Design Concept: The Lane Crawford Joyce Group Architecture & Projects Team
Project Management: Wheelock Properties
Design Execution: CL3
Contractor: Artwright
Surveryors: DLS Quantity Surveyors
Engineers: Meinhardt M&E engineers


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