Interactive Quiz: Learn the Five Main Segments of Chinese Luxury Shoppers

Chinese luxury shoppers

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From newly wealthy consumers in third-tier cities to jet-setting fashionistas in Shanghai, Chinese luxury shoppers are becoming more and more diversified, prompting a larger-than-ever need for detailed data on their demands.

Carat and Jing Daily’s recent report, “China’s New Luxury Consumers,” identifies five key Chinese luxury consumer segments based on a survey of over 10,000 respondents conducted by CCS Diamond.

These segments, which include the “Aficionado,” “Epicurean,” “Bling King,” “Skeptic,” and “Aspirant” not only have different preferences in brands, but also separate shopping habits, attitudes about luxury, methods for digital media consumption, and more.

In a new interactive quiz created by Carat based on the report and survey data, learn more about the differences between these five segments, including what they’re looking for when they shop for luxury and their social media habits.

If you’d like to learn more after taking the quiz, head over to our report download page for more details.



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