Hogan Taps Artist Yi Zhou For “Interactive Lives” Short Film

Short Film Spans Shanghai & London

Yi Zhou with Andrea Della Valle and Stephen Dorff at the Hong Kong premiere

Premiered earlier this month at events in Hong Kong and Shenyang, recently the Italian luxury brand Hogan commissioned Chinese artist Yi Zhou (previously on Jing Daily) to develop a short film, “Interactive Lives.” Depicting a day in the life of a multimedia artist in Shanghai, the film follows Yi Zhou as she travels to London to film model and stylist Mary Charteris.

Juxtaposing two cities on different continents while highlighting the similarities shared among their inhabitants, the film follows the fictional lives of two young talents. Both characters go about their routines in separate ways, yet despite their differences, the pace of life and cosmopolitan style of each woman remains the same: Hogan is the point that links their interactive lives.

Attended by Andrea Della Valle and actor Stephen Dorff at the debut event in Hong Kong and by Chinese actor Wu Zun at the Shenyang launch, “Interactive Lives” has also been shown this month at Hogan stores in Beijing, Harbin and Wuhan.


HOGAN – INTERACTIVE LIVES BY YI-ZHOU from Staff Web Todsgroup on Vimeo.


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