Hermès Sells $2.7 Million at Guangzhou Store in One Day

Luxury titan Hermès reopened its Guangzhou store this week, racking in $2.7 million sales in one day, as originally reported by WWD. Located in China’s Guangdong province, the store had reportedly received a shipment of rare Hermès products, which tempted Chinese influencers and luxury consumers alike out of their homes to spend. The staggering amount is a positive indicator that Chinese consumers are ready to start purchasing again — if the product is right. As one of the most desirable luxury brands in the world, Hermès appears to be a mainland favorite, with buyers ready to purchase what the brand has to offer. 

The Jing Take: 

Data from the online marketplace, Baghunter, recently suggested that collecting the brand’s coveted Birkin bag could bring more stability — and profit — than investing in gold. The average value of the bankable Birkin has increased by 14% over the past 35 years: It is now considered a financial asset that experiences the least volatility. Throughout COVID-19, reports flagged that the secondary market price of an Hermès Birkin bag went up during the crisis, while the value of a Rolex watch, for example, dropped. The verdict? Forget gold and put your money in Birkins. 

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