Hermès “Contemporary Craft Masters” Show, Today Art Museum (Beijing)

Hermès Displays New Spring/Summer Collection In “Contemporary Craft Masters” In Beijing

The Art of Silk Scarves.

The Art of Silk Scarves.

Last week, Hermès held a press preview for its “Contemporary Craft Masters”  show at the Today Art Museum in Beijing, also the location of the French luxury brand’s “Tale of Silk” show in 2008. Upon entering, the show takes visitors on a color journey through the world of Hermès.

From Luxee.com (translation by the Jing Daily team):

Upon entering, the first thing in view is the subject of the show in three languages: Mandarin, English, and French — “Contemporary Craft Masters,” a journey through the wonderful new collection of Hermès. In the depths of the white area, scarves are slung on both sides of a rack, as if entering the design process through a dream.

Hermes Spring-Summer 2011 New Series - Men's Showcase

Hermès Spring-Summer 2011 New Series – Men’s Showcase

The post goes on to guide us through the exhibit, describing the innovations within the perfect Hermès scarf then taking us into the “green” section of the Spring/Summer 2011 menswear collection, characterized by simple crisp use of green and white motifs.

The following “yellow” section includes new leather goods, while the signature “orange” is reserved for Spring/Summer 2011 womenswear apparel and accessories, displaying the full spectrum of Hermès craftsmanship, from the classic Birkin and Kelly bags, to the Collier de Chien buckle design and enamel bracelets.

From Luxee:

The rainbow of a journey has thus ended, but Hermès will not slow down in their relentless pursuit for great craftsmanship. The new Spring/Summer 2011 collection, with its materials, exquisite workmanship and rich colors are perfectly presented, allowing viewers insight into their respect for art and their pursuit of tradition.

Every exquisitely crafted item passes into the realm of art, but also opens the eyes and imagination of every viewer. In witnessing the legend of Hermès, we are able to experience the perfect combination of masterful craftsmanship and contemporary  innovation in their luxury products.


Spring/Summer 2011 Leather Goods.

Spring/Summer 2011 Leather Goods.

Spring/Summer 2011 Womenswear

Spring/Summer 2011 Womenswear


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