Han Han & Hublot Launch Official Microblog, Announce Limited-Edition Watch

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The new Weibo page

The new Weibo page

This week, the Swiss watchmakers Hublot officially launched their “Hublot & Han Han — Fulfilling the Dream of Charity” Sina Weibo page at an event attended by China’s most popular blogger, Han Han, and Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver. Originally created in March to promote a charity event at which a Hublot F1 watch customized by Han Han was put up for auction, eventually raising US$160,000 yuan (US$25,000) for the Jet Li One Foundation, the newly updated microblog (http://weibo.com/hublothanhan) is designed to promote not only Hublot, but also its association with motorsport racing and Han Han’s philanthropic work.

An occasional F1 racer as well as a prolific blogger, Han Han first met up with Hublot a year ago, forming a partnership to promote the development of auto racing in China and becoming an official brand ambassador earlier this year. As Hublot brand ambassador, Han Han is taking part in charity events and activities aimed at providing support and creating opportunities for young aspiring F1 drivers.

The new Han Han-Hublot Sina Weibo, a new Weibo “brand page” packed with new features, is designed to increase communication with followers, announce upcoming events, and bring more attention to China’s burgeoning F1 racing scene.

Personalized Han Han "For Freedom" Hublot

Personalized Han Han “For Freedom” Hublot

As Han Han said this week, “Motorsports are in their infancy in China. Many people in this country are interested in racing, but the sport needs to be set on a solid foundation and develop further. Along with Hublot, I hope to support young racers, because they’re the future of motorsport in China.” Hublot CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, remarking on the official launch of the Hublot-Han Han Weibo page, said “Welcome to Hublot and welcome to Han Han, with whom we share the [ideals of] generosity, openness and charity. We are proud to be associated with Han Han and what he stands for, and look forward to working with him and supporting his efforts in contributing to the development of Chinese motorsport.” Posting on the official Weibo page, Han Han wrote, “Please support car racing in China and support charity.”

In addition to the new Weibo page, this week Hublot announced that they will release a limited-edition “Han Han Hublot Limited-Edition” watch this November, based on the one-of-a-kind F1 “For Freedom” watch customized by Han Han for this April’s charity auction. All proceeds from the sale of these limited-edition watches will be used to support F1 driver training for young Chinese racers and reward outstanding young talent.

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