Han Han: “Having The Time Is The Greatest Luxury”

Popular Blogger, F1 Racer Speaks At Hublot Charity Event

Han Han

Han Han

At a recent charity event at Shanghai’s Hyatt on the Bund, the popular blogger and author, occasional F1 racer, and Hublot spokesperson Han Han discussed his budding love affair with high-end timepieces. Held in celebration of the recent Taobao auction of a one-off Han Han Hublot watch, at the event Han Han and Jean-Claude Biver of Hublot presented a check for 260,000 yuan (US$40,000) to the Jet Li One Foundation, 160,000 yuan of which came from the auction and the other 100,000 yuan donated by Han Han himself.

Following the presentation of the check by Han and Biver, the always witty Han Han spoke with MSN China’s Luxury Channel about his recent foray into product endorsement, his interest in luxury watches, and whether he considers himself a philanthropist. From the interview (translation by Jing Daily team):

MSN Luxury (M): Why’d you choose to work with Hublot?

Han Han (HH):  My reasoning is pretty simple: Hublot’s watches are beautiful. In the middle of last year I had another partnership with them, because I really like their watch design.

M: Are you in the habit of collecting watches? What kind of significance do you think watches have to men?

HH: Actually, my watch and mobile phone brands have been the same for the past two years.

M: And what brand would that be?

HH: I just use my mobile phone as a watch, or sometimes I just look up at the sky. (Laughs) I have friends who like to collect watches, but my earning power hasn’t gone up, so I just have one or two watches that I like to wear.


Han Han with Hublot's "old child," Jean-Claude Biver

Han Han with Hublot’s “old child,” Jean-Claude Biver

M: How do you feel about Hublot, as a brand?

HH: Personally, I feel Hublot’s watches are unique, they feel like they’re one of a kind. They can give people a special feeling since they stick to the concept of “integration,” which is, I guess, one of the reasons for my partnership with Hublot.

Also, I think Hublot’s “old child” (老顽童) [Jean-Claude Biver] is really interesting.

M: So you’re involved with limited-edition things, like the Hublot watch on which you wrote “For Freedom.”

HH: Yeah, afterwards I added the words “And Love.” I think this is my life’s pursuit.

M: We know you said that limited-edition watch was auctioned off for 160,000 yuan, with all of the proceeds going to the One Foundation. Also, you kicked in 100,000 yuan of your own money. Recently you’ve taken part in many philanthropic events. Do you feel that you can call yourself a philanthropist?

HH: I don’t think I’m even close to counting as a philanthropist. First, this isn’t a huge philanthropic event, so to say I’m a philanthropist is bizarre. I just feel that I have the ability to do a lot of bad things, so I want to do some good things to make up for it. (Laughs)

M: So will charity events become another part of the work you do?

HH: Nah, I think to me these [events] aren’t work. I even don’t want to bring it up, because I actually think it’s kind of embarrassing. I know many famous people really like to do this kind of [event], but I feel honestly that the best outcome is that people don’t find out about all the good things you did in your life until you’re dead, rather than while you’re alive.



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