After ‘Racist’ Video, Hadid Sisters’ Selection for China’s Victoria’s Secret Show Causes Stir

The Selection of the Hadid Sisters for China’s First Victoria’s Secret Show Is Causing a Stir Online
News about Bella and Gigi Hadid’s selection to walk the runway in the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai is trending on Weibo today. While fashion-conscious netizens are thrilled about the show’s foray into China and the addition of two big names, others don’t like the casting decision, citing previous controversial conduct by both Hadid sisters. Several Weibo users have brought up Bella Hadid’s controversial Instagram video, which shows, her sister Gigi, according to commenters, mocking Asians. In the comments section following the news, some people seemed enraged. One user said, “China does not welcome her,” and followed that up with angry-faced emojis. There are no reports of either sister releasing statements or apologizing after the incident.

Comment from Weibo: “I think it’s a PR hazard to have Bella and Gigi Hadid on the fashion show in China.”

Photo: HannahQuinlivan/Weibo

Power Couple Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan Announce Hollywood Transition
News about Hannah Quinlivan (Kun Ling) always grabs national attention in China not only because the 24-year-old Taiwanese style icon has a successful acting career, but also because she’s married to the “King of Asian Pop” Jay Chou. Chou took to Weibo today to announce that the power couple is working on a career-transition to Hollywood following Quinlivan’s recent casting in the 2018 Hollywood film “Skyscraper,” co-starring Dwayne Johnson. The half-Australian-half-Taiwanese Quinlivan is well-liked in China for her image as a “model wife and mother” and her excellent fashion sense—photos of her dazzling appearances at brand-related events for Dolce&Gabbana, Dior, Fendi, and Chanel are ubiquitous on social media. Some netizens on Weibo are congratulating the couple, while others jokingly refer to Chou’s inability to keep up with his wife.

Comment from Weibo: “Is it his wife or himself that’s marching toward Hollywood?”


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