Gucci Reunites With Marsper, Adidas Goes Local, and Kusikohc’s ENG Installation: China Collabs Of The Week

Germany-based, global powerhouse Adidas became a hot topic in China, yet again. Starting May 31, its Yeezy inventory will be put up for sale with the proceeds to be donated to charities that support China’s sports and culture industries.

The collaboration’s demise cost Adidas $1.3 billion (9.2 billion RMB), so some good will now come of the debacle. In related news, the brand dropped a new sneaker with Guangzhou-based streetwear brand Hamcus.

This week, we look at that NMD S1 sneaker release, as well as Gucci’s latest move with Lepop intellectual property (IP) Marsper, and ENG Concept’s Kusikohc installation.

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Marsper x Gucci

Date: May 20

Product: Game update

Social context: The #MarsperxGucci# hashtag has amassed 6.8 million reads on Weibo – it was read 3.9 million times on May 20, the launch date – and #Marsper has attracted 3.5 million views on Xiaohongshu. Meanwhile, Gucci’s official Weibo post has been liked 9,700 times, a high level of engagement compared with the brand’s other posts.

Verdict: Gucci continues to demonstrate its confidence in the metaverse, reuniting with Lepop’s most popular IP for another fashion game. Judging from the stellar performance of the 2021 project, it’s unsurprising that the Italian luxury house has returned to the IP. 

Combining China’s powerful gaming culture, virtual idol market, and an authentic representative of the local zeitgeist, Gucci is creating cultural capital in an innovative way.

Adidas Originals x Hamcus

adidas x hamcus

Adidas frequently works with domestic brands to tap into subcultures. Photo: Adidas x Hamcus

Date: May 19

Product: NMD S1 sneaker

Social context: #adidasOriginals x Hamcus# on Weibo has amassed 1.68 million reads and sparked 20 organic discussions. 

Verdict: Adidas’ sights should be focused on China now, given its recent poor performance in the country. Despite commanding nearly 15 percent sportswear market share in China in 2021, and generating global revenue of approximately $1.7 billion in H1 2022, the brand reported a revenue decline of over 35 percent in China in H2 2022.

That said, it follows an effective strategy of connecting with local markets and specific communities by working with niche names and talents. This latest tie-up with techwear brand Hamcus, a streetwear label popular among Gen Z in China, on the NMD S1 sneaker does just exactly that. 

It’s the second time the two names have teamed up, and likely it won’t be the last. After all, as a manufacturer for other brands around the world, Hamcus is extremely well connected.

ENG Concept x Kusikohc


The Kusikohc installation at ENG Concept will celebrate the new seasonal collection, inspired by the lookbook. Photo: Kusikohc

Date: June 1

Product: Exclusive capsule and store installation

Social context: ENG boasts 13,800 followers on Xiaohongshu and 48,000 on Weibo, while Kusikohc has 46,500 followers on Instagram. #Kusikohc has amassed 517,800 views on Xiaohongshu, and 1.16 million on Weibo. 

Verdict: Continuing its collaborative initiative of presenting installations to promote store-exclusive capsules, multi-brand retailer ENG Concept has joined forces with South Korea’s coolest brand-to-know Kusikohc. 

The brainchild of designer and photographer Cho Giseok, Kusikohc recently created noise online when music artist Asap Rocky wore the brand’s pieces while filming a music video in Paris. It’s therefore an optimal time to launch a store installation and capsule for ENG.

A retail innovator in China, the store strives to produce something unique every time, crafting experiences for the art-driven, fashion-forward consumers who frequent the space. The launch party will see DJs Goga and Floating performing — making the event Shanghai’s it girl-event of the week.


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