Godiva Shoots For 50 China Locations By End Of 2013

Fastest-Growing Market For Chocolatier

Last week, Jing Daily looked at the slowly, yet steadily, rising demand for premium chocolate among upper-middle-class consumers in mainland China, a market that has been a challenge for top producers for the past 30 years. This week, Godiva CEO Jim Goldman talks to Bloomberg about his company’s current footprint and plans for the market, noting that Godiva plans to have 50 locations in the country by the end of the year.

Among the particularities of the market noted by Goldman are a strong interest in dark chocolate, localized items like mooncakes and Year of the Snake collections, and purchases with the intention of gift-giving. Though Goldman points out that China remains a relatively “small part of the puzzle” for Godiva globally, the country remains the Belgian chocolatier’s fastest-growing single market.


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