Fratelli Rossetti Takes Footwear “Museum” To Shanghai & Hong Kong

Luxury Shoemaker Created Special Edition “Asia” To Celebrate Events

Fratelli Rossetti Museum launch

Running through October 24 at the brand’s new boutiques at Hong Kong ifc and through the 26th at Shanghai’s Plaza 66, luxury shoemaker Fratelli Rossetti is giving audiences outside of Italy a glimpse of its footwear “museum” for the first time. Presenting archival pieces from the brand’s inception through the present day, the exhibitions include everything from the first sporting shoes created by Renzo Rossetti after World War II to the introduction of brand trademarks like tassels, the sockless yacht shoe, and the “mannish” style. (The latter of which president Diego Rossetti said are his favorite pieces in the exhibitions.)

Launched this past weekend in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the grand openings of the Fratelli Rossetti museums — held two days apart — were attended by Diego and Luca Rossetti, joined by guest of honor, Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue.

In celebration of the events, the company debuted a limited edition women’s lace-up, “the Asia,” with the shoe’s tri-color red, pink and burgundy design chosen to reference auspicious color schemes in China. During the run of the events, artisans will be on hand doing demonstrations of the special techniques used to create the tassels on Fratelli Rossetti’s famous Brara loafers.

Fratelli Rossetti Museum

"The Asia" by Fratelli Rossetti

"The Asia"

Fratelli Rossetti "Museum"


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