3 Creative Heartfelt Father’s Day Campaigns

With Father’s Day coming this Sunday, June 16, many brands posted their very own gift guide on WeChat at the beginning of the week. This year’s best examples (not surprisingly) are dominated by menswear brands. Each have playful, visual and verbal, and interactive elements that made these campaigns memorable. Below are three examples that showed the greatest creativity, engagement, and execution:

Hugo Boss: show off your dad’s look via user-generated content

Contrary to most brands that recommended products as gift ideas, the German luxury fashion house Hugo Boss chose to highlight the dads themselves for their Father’s Day campaign on WeChat. Their post illustrated different “dad” profiles at different ages, and by linking to a WeChat Mini Program, users can upload pictures of their dads along with words that described their style (like handsome, cool, cute, silly, etc.) They can also view and like other people’s dad photos. There’s no shortage of perks for participating, either. The top-five “like” earners get a free Hugo Boss wallet, and readers can also visit specific offline stores to receive a Father’s Day gift box and card for free. At the end of the post, readers can check out different gifts options for dad. By the time of this publication, the post garnered over 4,280 pageviews and received 25 likes.

Canali: a heartfelt letter to dad

The Italian luxury menswear brand Canali — launched in 1934 — offered a heartfelt letter for Father’s Day. In its WeChat campaign, it asked readers to flip their phone 180 degrees to read the full letter. Users that read the letter can also browse gift options like a belt, tie, or leather bag paired with different entries. At the end of the post, readers can watch a full video of an animated version of the post and check out all the offline stores where they can make purchases. By the time of this publication, the post garnered over 15,000 pageviews and received 720 likes — an impressive number.

Berluti: unlock the mystery box

French menswear brand Berluti prepared an interactive mystery post to help users discover products. On the WeChat campaign, once they swipe through the box image, they can discover the product inside. All different collections shown are listed by color, in gold, blue, brown. Once clicked, readers are directed to the product page that ranges from a $564 (3,900 RMB) wallet to $1,832 (12,600RMB) shoes and even more expensive products. Berluti is also offering some incentives to readers for sharing — those who comment on what they’d most want to say to their father while scoring the most likes can receive a free gift. By the time of this publication, the post garnered over 5,768 pageviews and received 31 likes.