Fashion Scout Lands In China To Empower Local Creatives

What Happened: Fashion Scout, a London-based consultancy and platform dedicated to supporting emerging fashion designers, is landing in China for the first time from May 20 to 24. In partnership with the 22nd China Jiangsu (Changshu) Clothing & Accessories Expo, the Fashion Scout China tour looks to support Chinese fashion creatives while also leveraging supply chain innovation and the digital transformation of Changshu’s fashion business.

Under the theme of Fashion Needs Us, this year’s Fashion Scout & Expo highlights 23 fashion shows and showrooms by establishing an inclusive platform for renowned Chinese designers and emerging stars. In addition to Gaia Z-Sense — a leading guochao player — Fashion Scout introduced over 30 homegrown designer brands, including Dumpty and C.J. YAO.

Chinese brand Gaia Z-Sense walks at the Fashion Scout & Expo. Photo: Courtesy of Fashion Scout

The Jing Take: The ongoing pandemic limitations continuously bring opportunities to the fashion industry. Due to current restrictions, next month’s official London Fashion Week event will still follow a “digital-first” praxis under global travel restrictions and social distancing. Fashion Scout London, meanwhile, has found an alternative space in China.

As the creative director and founder for Fashion Scout, Martyn Roberts said to Jing Daily: “Since the very beginning, Fashion Scout has believed in the talents that China has to offer, providing solid stepping stones in their international careers and recognition.” He also highlighted that designers who previously showed with Fashion Scout in London, such as Masha Ma, Angel Chen, Xiao Li, Susan Fang, Leaf Xia, Dumpty, and C.J. YAO are also showing this week at Fashion Scout China. “Their growth in international markets is a testament to the design credibility being born in China.”

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Furthermore, the localization of Fashion Scout can connect domestic independent designers with local suppliers and manufacturers, which will empower them to build their brands in the local and global markets.

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