‘Fashion grannies’ and aging KOLs challenge fashion’s aging stigma

Fashion’s age-old problem with getting old is no secret. 

A flip through the glossy mags or a glance at the majority of runways will reveal how fresh-faced models, even today, dominate the fashion landscape. 

But the rising visibility of senior, style-savvy influencers on social media is playing a pivotal role in changing perceptions of aging. From Tracy Ellis-Ross’ wardrobe evolution to Jenna Lyons’ far-reaching influence on “American Woman” style, older women are smashing the stigma and emerging as fashion icons in their own lane. 

This positive outlook towards aging can be felt globally. Across the West, the revival of the ‘90s “Supers” like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell has ushered in an era of championing mature models. Meanwhile, China’s booming silver economy is driving up Gen Z interest in older KOLs. 

As more senior style revelers command the fashion spotlight, Jing Daily takes a look at the influencers disrupting socio-economic attitudes towards aging and how they’re making noise in a Gen Z-obsessed influencer landscape.


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Grece Ghanem

Social relevance: 1.4 million on Instagram

Who are they: With her silver bob and enviable handbag collection, Greece Ghanem has charmed fashion lovers with her ageless style. The fashion-obsessed former microbiologist started out posting on Instagram as a hobby around seven years ago, before her signature look of power prints, bold colors, and elevated silhouettes led to a boom in internet visibility. 

Their impact: Ghanem is widely recognized across the West as a trailblazer among older style enthusiasts, proving that a love for fashion and self-confidence has no age limit.

She’s also debunking the idea that old age equates to a more conservative take on dressing. The influencer’s eye for statement luxury pieces means that she’s regularly snapped by street-style photographers and is on the radar of major fashion houses, including Miu Miu, Adidas, and Stine Goya. 

JoAni Johnson

Social relevance: 77.4k on Instagram

Who are they: Older women may still be widely recognized as outliers in the fashion realm, but tastemakers like sexagenarian JoAni Johnson are defying conventions. 

The New York-based activist hasn’t shied away from calling out the industry’s deep-rooted issues with racism, ageism, and misogyny. She has also caught the attention of style aficionados for her effortlessly cool approach to sartorialism. 

Their impact: Johnson found success in the modeling world in her 60s, walking the runways for Ozwald Boateng and Eileen Fisher, featuring in ad campaigns for Pyer Moss, and collaborating with the likes of Free People. The model-slash-jewelry designer was also the muse of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty campaign in 2019, rewriting the fashion rule book on her own terms. 


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Renia Jazdzyk (Vens Wife Style)

Social relevance: 310k on Instagram

Who are they: As a self-proclaimed ageism fighter, Renia Jazdzyk is on a mission to empower older women to ignore fashion’s social pieties and wear whatever they want. Jazdyk’s styling videos, which can rack up over 6 million views, demonstrate how to forgo “age-appropriate” senior dressing in lieu of finding a timeless personal style.  

Their impact: A recent viral video of Jazdyk styling a Bottega Veneta dress, which was previously spotted on 27-year-old Kendall Jenner, drew in audiences from all corners of the fashion world, with one commenter penning, “You wore it better.” 

Though the video naturally drew comparisons between the two wearers, Jazdyk’s content is less about pitting women against each other and more about celebrating inclusive style, across the age spectrum. 

Tessie Singson (Lola Androgynous) 

Social relevance: 14k on Instagram

Who are they: Tessie Singson, who goes by the moniker Lola Androgynous, gained her reputation online as a master of minimalism. 

With a wardrobe curated from archival fashion pieces and Japanese virtuosos like Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake, and Yohji Yamamoto, Singson’s less-is-more, genderless approach to fashion has helped her cultivate a strong sense of personal identity — one that isn’t swayed by getting older. 

Their impact: Not only is Singson proving that age is nothing but a number, but her content also celebrates how free fashion can be when removed from the societal constraints of gender. The influencer’s following may still be small compared to others, but her notable contribution to the senior style scene has already been recognized by the likes of Tatler Asia and Vogue Philippines

Fashion Granny Group

Social relevance: 902k on Xiaohongshu

Who are they: The popularity of Fashion Granny Group (时尚奶奶团) is a compelling example of how China’s view of seniors is shifting for the better.

Made up of six fashion-loving mature KOLs, the collective has amassed over 900,000 followers on Xiaohongshu by injecting fun, satire, and ageless fashion into their content — all of which has given them a distinct voice and helped them achieve virality across the country. 

Their impact: Given the country’s booming silver economy, older influencers are in vogue across the mainland. But content creators like Fashion Granny Group are proving that their impact is more than a flash-in-the-pan movement. Their rise to fame demonstrates that, just like Gen Z, seniors can also be prolific social media users and make a long-term career out of their love for fashion.


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