Fabriqué en Chine – Chinese Artists Group Exhibition in Beijing (Dec 22-Mar 27)

Beyond Art Space, Beijing Holds “Fabriqué en Chine” Art Show

Fabrique en Chine at the Beyond Art Space (Image: Easthong)

Fabrique en Chine at the Beyond Art Space (Image: Easthong)

From December 22, 2010 to March 27, 2011, Beijing’s Beyond Art Space will present “Fabriqué en Chine,” an exhibition that focuses on “domestic products” as interpreted in Chinese contemporary art and other fields, as a neutral ongoing state that does not promote the “Made in China” tag. As Chinese contemporary art has characterized the development of social change in the last 20 or 30 years, there is a growing attempt to return to the traditional. Beyond Art Space’s new Chinese contemporary art show will display work that reflects this attempt by Jiang Jie, Jing Kewen, Liu Ye, Qu Guangci, Shi Jinsong, Tang Zhigang, Wu Mingzhong, Xiang Jing, Xu Longsen, Yan Lei, Ye Yongqing, and Zhan Wang.

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798 East Street, 798 Art Dist., 4, Jiuxianqiao Road, Chao Yang District,
100015, Beijing, China


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