Exhibition Watch: Nathan Craven “Myriad Brown” At JOYCE Beijing

Hong Kong Multi-Brand Retailer Known For Luxury-Art Partnerships

Nathan Craven - Myriad Brown

Long known for its collaborations with artists from around the world, the Hong Kong-based multi-brand retailer JOYCE (previously on Jing Daily) is set to host a new exhibition by American artist Nathan Craven at its Beijing gallery. Coming a few months after JOYCE’s “Art-Spirations” project, a collaboration with artists Devin McGrath, Carne Griffiths, Simon Prades, Violeta Hernández and Vasilj Godzh), Craven’s “Myriad Brown” exhibition will run from July 4-August 5).

Said Craven of “Myriad Brown”:

“Most of my work is based on ceramics as a building material, specifically the brick, which has always been used for construction. Constructing porous walls and floors with my own versions of “bricks” I aim to define and clarify space in ways that draw attention to these otherwise unnoticed elements as well as to the spaces in which we dwell.

“Myriad Brown basically refers to the colour scheme which features different shades of brown. And since it will be shown in a new location it will be arranged differently in response to its environment. A new configuration usually calls for a new title as it is no longer, and never will be, the same piece twice.

“Myriad Brown is one half of a larger piece created last summer. Both pieces have been travelling separately around the world and will probably be united some time next year in yet another place and configuration. The work has a life and changes throughout that cycle. It is created, reconfigured, subtracted from, added to, re-glazed and re-show.”

Myriad Brown at JOYCE Gallery Beijing
Running from July 4-August 5, 2012
Shop 3L103-4, China World Mall
No.1 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue, Beijing

Nathan Craven - Myriad Brown

Nathan Craven - Myriad Brown


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