Everything You Need To Know About The China Luxury Market In Three Minutes (Video)

L2’s Prestige 100 Study Found Digital Competence Is Critical For Success In China

chinaIQBreaking down some of the most important findings of their latest Prestige 100 China IQ study, this week the L2 Think Tank released a video explaining everything one needs to know about some of the key trends currently shaping the China luxury market. Definitely packs a great deal of useful information into its three-minute runtime.

Following up the Prestige 100 report, L2 will be holding an inaugural Social Graph: China event in Shanghai on October 14. According to L2, the event will “bring together thought leaders from academia and industry, who will contextualize China’s unique social media landscape and the opportunity for luxury brands,” with content focusing on “best practices and emerging trends…as well as first-hand expertise from Internet platform operators and social media professionals ‘on the ground’ in China.”