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December 6, 2022 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Brands are thinking about the metaverse in the wrong way. Traditional channels engage traditional audiences, but those brands that are serious about reaching new communities are seeing the metaverse as a new marketing vertical that demands a long-term strategy. For them, it’s about measurable growth marketing, not PR and buzz.

In this webinar, experts from across the metaverse will be looking at how brands entering virtual environments should put data and community sentiment at the heart of their metaverse strategies, in order to measure their success.

We’ll be asking:

– What are the objectives a brand should be setting when entering the metaverse?
– What are the key questions a brand should ask itself when strategizing in this space?
– What virtual environments should brands be looking to activate in?
– What KPIs are currently available in these existing metaverse environments?
– And how does this differ from existing and historic forms of advertising?

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Charles Hambro, Co-Founder and CEO @GEEIQ (Geek)
Charles Hambro is the Co-Founder and CEO of enterprise data platform, GEEIQ (Geek), which helps brands like Gucci, L’Oreal, Tommy Hilfiger, and most recently Elton John, to navigate and activate within the metaverse. Previously, Charles worked as an Account Director and co-founded the publication, Gentleman’s Journal.
Jemma Spiers-Ware, Director 3D Product Experience (3DX) @Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein
Jemma Spiers-Ware has 17 years’ of experience working in fashion design and development for luxury and premium fashion houses, focusing on 3D and digital experiences, the future of fashion visualization, and D&D. Jemma works in advanced digital product creation, AR, VR, XR tech, gaming and Web3 – shaping the next iteration of digital to create branded experiences from concept to consumer for the Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein community.
Jing Zhang (Moderator), Editor-in-Chief @Jing Daily
Jing Zhang has over 16 years of experience as an editor, journalist, advisor and consultant across sectors in luxury, fashion, culture, creative and consumer ecosystems. Her former roles include Fashion Editor at the South China Morning Post, Prestige HK’s Editorial Director, and WestEast Magazine’s Managing Editor. Jing currently oversees the Jing Daily global editorial team, driving cultural leadership and further enhance the connectivity across teams from East to West in real-time



December 6, 2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


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