Event Watch: Shanghai Global Sustainability Jam (November 2-4)

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Global Sustainability Jam 2012

From November 2 – 4, the Global Sustainability Jam will once again whip the world into a creative frenzy, gathering designers, artists, architects, experts and product designers to solve a specific sustainability issue in just one weekend. Following the first edition in 2011, which saw over 800 participants at about 40 locations from all around the world create more than 120 projects, CBi China Bridge has teamed up with Shanghai Design Week to host the Shanghai activities of the 2012 Global Sustainability Jam. The issue in question will be revealed to the world at the start of the weekend, after which teams will work to devise solutions that range from services to new products, virtual resources and more. Hong Kong is also posted as a participating city.

The schedule for this year’s event, according to organizers:

Friday, November 2

Jam participants come together at worldwide locations prepared by local organizers. Some Jams might have an input session of lectures or presentations – perhaps on sustainability issues or the design process.

Friday, November 2, not before 6:30pm local time

The global theme and achievements (optional goals) for the Jam are presented. Discussion in informal groups. Dinner is a good idea.
The local Jam might come together for the pitching session. Anyone can present their basic idea, groups form, and participants join the group that interests them.

Friday, November 2, about 10pm local until Sunday, November 4, exactly 3pm local

The groups work independently over the weekend, supported by mentors and specialist providers in some locations. Research or observations are performed virtually, or through short excursions. The teams develop their idea and design, and prototype it using methods of their choosing. Prototypes are improved through cycles of iteration. Sleep is optional, but recommended.

Sunday, November 4, exactly 3pm local

Teams deliver documentation of a working prototype of their design or idea. This can be a film of human interaction, photos of a mock-up, a dummy website, or anything else that provides a permanent, publishable record of their idea and work. These are uploaded and published for the world under Creative Commons licensing.

Sunday, November 4, about 4pm local

After publishing, teams are encouraged to present their results to the other local teams. After that, teams can sit back, kick back, enjoy a well-earned beverage and browse through the global results.

Shanghai Global Sustainability Jam
359 Kangding Rd, 4F, Jing’an district, Shanghai 200040

Video of the Global Sustainability Jam’s sister event:


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