Event Watch: Shang Xia “Culture Object II” (April 18, Shanghai)

Second Installment Of Yearly “Culture Object” Exhibition Series

"Human and Nature" explores the expanses of inland China

"Human and Nature" explores the expanses of inland China

Marking the second installment of its yearly “Culture Object” exhibition series, the Shanghai-based Chinese luxury brand Shang Xia will launch its “Human and Nature” exhibition on April 18. A wide-ranging show 18 months in the making, “Human and Nature” follows Shang Xia’s second clothing and housewares collection in highlighting the contrasts between humanity and the earth, and how the two can coexist.

“Human and Nature” also marks a shift from last year’s “Pass it On” exhibition. Whereas “Pass it On” focused on found items and souvenirs, along with very personal stories and photographs, “Human and Nature” is more expansive, including videos, photographs, portraits and collector’s items collected from a wide range of Chinese provinces. In preparation for the second Culture Object exhibition, Shang Xia sent teams to explore the expanses of inland China, visiting tea growers, falconers, monks and pilgrims in places like Yunnan province, Tibet, Xinjiang and Qinghai province.

Shang Xia’s “Culture Object II – Human and Nature” Exhibition Launch
Dates: April 18-May 8, 2012
Atrium, South Wing, Shanghai Hong Kong Plaza
283 Huai Hai Middle Road, Shanghai
上海市淮海中路283号, 香港广场南座中庭
10:00 AM – 9 PM Daily
Contact: +86-21-51718308


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