Event Watch: Nouveau Cirque At “Croisements” Festival (Beijing, June 16-19)

Event Comes At End of “Sino-French Cultural Spring Festival”

Adrien M performs ""

Adrien M performs “kinematic”

Since its launch in April, the annual Sino-French Cultural Spring Festival, also known as “Croisements”, has seen 183 activities, ranging from dance, music, art exhibitions and interactive performances, take place in 25 cities throughout China. As the festival wraps up, this week will mark its first-ever nouveau cirque (“contemporary circus”) event, ending the three-month cultural extravaganza with a bang.

Originally developed in the 1970s in France, Australia, the US and UK, nouveau cirque combines circus arts with dance, drama and new technologies. Exemplified by world-famous troupes like Canada’s Cirque du Soliel, nouveau cirque puts a new spin on the traditional circus format, focusing more on aesthetic impact than ringmaster-led spectacle.

Poster of 2011 China-France Cultural Spring

Poster of 2011 China-France Cultural Spring

Running in Beijing from June 16-19, the first annual nouveau cirque event will feature three performances: IETP’s “Leto”, “Kinematic” by Adrien M, and a piece by dancer Brahim Bouchelaghem. In addition, the event will include two lecture sessions, one by nouveau cirque expert Julien Rosemerg and another by dancer Bouchelaghem.

Nouveau Cirque at the Sino-French Cultural Spring
June 16-19, 2011
Dongcheng Cultural Center (东城区文化馆)
111 Jiaodaokou East Street, Dongcheng, Beijing



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