Emporio Armani Celebrates 30th Birthday With New Guangzhou Boutique

Brand Celebrates 30th Anniversary With 300 Sq. Meter Boutique At Taikoo Hui

Grand opening of Emporio Armani boutique, Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou

Grand opening of Emporio Armani boutique, Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou

This weekend, as Emporio Armani celebrated its 30th year in business, the brand debuted its new boutique at Guangzhou’s Taikoo Hui (previously on Jing Daily). Attended by the face of Emporio Armani in Asia, the Chinese actress Shu Qi, as well as Armani execs, the grand opening of the new 300 square meter boutique indicates the importance major brands are placing on the once-barren Guangzhou luxury market as well as the market in the broader southwest China region.

The new Taikoo Hui boutique carries men’s and women’s formal and casual wear collections, leather goods, accessories, watches and sunglasses. Like other Emporio Armani stores, the Taikoo Hui location features a monochrome, minimalist color scheme, outfitted in transparent floor tiles, black glass walls and shelving, and subtle silver accents.

As Jing Daily wrote this July, Guangzhou is in the midst of a luxury retail construction boom, with Louis Vuitton opening its largest China flagship, an 1,800 square meter mega-store, at Taikoo Hui this summer, and Hermes and Gucci unveiling new stores at Guangzhou’s La Perle mall. Despite these grand openings, the jury is still out whether Guangzhou’s consumers will opt for local shopping, considering the city’s proximity to the luxury shopping haven of Hong Kong.



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